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Mission and Organization

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The Texas Facilities Commission is the real estate representative for the State of Texas in the purchase of buildings, grounds and property. The Commission holds title to and is responsible for these important state assets.

The statutory responsibilities for the agency are separated into the following primary functions:
- Strategic planning for state facility needs;
- Space planning and the assignment of office space to departments of state government.
- Design and construction of facilities for state agencies;
- Provide office space for state agencies through leasing services;
- Maintain state-owned facilities in a secure and cost efficient manner; and
- Provide various support services to state agencies, such as the reallocation and/or disposal of state surplus property, operation of the federal surplus property program, and coordination of recycling and waste management programs. rusk building

To effectively carry out its responsibilities, the Commission has developed objectives for its programs and operations. The primary objectives of the agency are to:

  • efficiently use state-owned facilities to reduce long term dependence on leased space;
  • determine the best allocation of state resources for housing state agencies that provides a secure work environment for state employees, visitors, and contractors;
  • reduce energy consumption and achieve increased energy efficiency;
  • provide a high quality work environment for state government that is functional, energy efficient, and cost effective through implementation of best-practices in building operations and risk management; and
  • implement cost-effective maintenance programs to safeguard public investment in state facilities.

TFC is organized to maximize its human resources without compromising service delivery or sacrificing financial controls. The two primary functional areas are business operations, and the administrative services that support business operations.

The management structure and reporting hierarchy for TFC operations can be viewed here.

As legislative mandates and appropriations change, TFC's organization is periodically reviewed for continued efficiency and effectiveness.