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2018 Master Facilities Plan Report

2018 Texas Capitol Complex Master Plan Update (June 2018) (161mb Acrobat PDF)
          Appendix 1 2016 Texas Capitol Complex Master Plan (267mb Acrobat PDF)
          Appendix 2 Parking Utilization Update (6mb Acrobat PDF)
          Appendix 3 Traffic Impact Analysis (9mb Acrobat PDF)
          Appendix 4 Wayfinding Audit (47mb Acrobat PDF)
          Appendix 5 Thermal Utility Master Plan (1mb Acrobat PDF)
          Appendix 6 Phase 1-3 Proof of Concept Study (16mb Acrobat PDF)
          Appendix 7 Owner's Project Requirements (4mb Acrobat PDF)
          Appendix 8 Phase 1 Pre-Conceptual Design Report Drawings (27mb Acrobat PDF)
          Appendix 8 Phase 1 Pre-Conceptual Design Report (174mb Acrobat PDF)
In accordance with Chapter 2166 of the Texas Government Code, the 2018 Texas Capitol Complex Master Plan Update was adopted by the Texas Facilities Commission on June 21, 2018 and formally submitted to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Comptroller, and Legislative Budget Board on June 29, 2018.

Strategic Plan - Fiscal Years 2021 through 2025

5% Reduction Report
Active Lease Summary Report
Agency Expenditure Data - "Where the Money Goes"
Annual Financial Report 2018
Annual Report of Nonfinancial Data FY15
Capitol Complex Child Care
Child Care Report for 2016
Combined Heat and Power Feasibility Study January 2011
Compact With Texans
Customer Service
  - Customer Service Report 2016 csb building
Electricity, Water, and Natural Gas Consumption Report FY18 Q1 Q2 and Q3
Electricity, Water, and Natural Gas Consumption Report (Historical 9/2014 - 8/2017)
Energy Conservation Plan 4th Quarter FY20141
Utility Services, Report on Long-Range Plan for
FY2019 Annual Internal Audit Report
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HUB Strategic Plan Progress Report Fiscal Year 2012
Inclement Weather Information
Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR)
2020 LBB Operating Budget
FY18 Operating Budget
Parking Program Report FY2017-2018
Parking Usage Study 2010
Prompt Payment and Payment Scheduling
Public Access to Major Contracts
Public-Private Partnership Guidelines
Reporting Requirements Review 2011 - Sunset
Reporting Requirements Review 2012 - HB 1781
Small Contractor Participation Assistance Program - 2014 Annual Report
Staff Compensation (Texas Government Code Section 659.026b)
Taxpayer and Vendor Account Information
Tenant Manual

1 This report outlines the ongoing Energy Conservation Initiatives and Plans by Texas Facilities Commission in accordance with Tex. Gov. Exec. Order RP49 (Oct. 27, 2005) and Texas Gov't Code 2166.409 (Date Enacted: 05/23/13, Date of Last Amend: 05/23/13), satisfying the requirements for both.