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Football Tailgating on State Property - Wait List Form

Priority Wait list will be reviewed for available spaces in reserved lots in August

Enter the required information below to place your name on the TFC Tailgate Priority Wait List.

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The spaces on the waitlist may not be offered every season and may move slowly as current primary space holders have first right to renew or decline.

Placing your name on the Tailgate Priority Wait List indicates that you are willing to accept any available lots and number of spaces at the time they are offered to you. You must accept at the time of offering or your name will be removed from the Tailgate Priority Wait List, and you will need to sign up again for future offers of spaces. When you accept tailgate spaces this indicates that you agree to the Tailgating Terms and Conditions.

Maximum number of  spaces per tailgate is 10.

Reserved Lots:   Lot 2, Lot 3, Lot 7, Lot 12, CSB Lot
Partial Reserved Lots: ERS Lot

Primary space holders on reserved lots shall have "First Rights to refusal" of the same spaces previously reserved, and must make full payment by the deadline date.

If a Tailgater does not renew his or her assigned spaces or fails to make full payment by the deadline date, then these spaces will be offered on a First Come First Serve basis to individuals on the Priority Wait List.

Reserved Spaces are sold for the Season. The current price is $40.00 per space, per game. Allows use from 6:00 pm, Friday to Noon Sunday. Prices are subject to change.

If you are offered a reserved space, payment must be paid in FULL by the deadline date or spaces shall be defaulted and will offered to the next person on the Priority Wait List.

When a space becomes available you will be contacted on a First Come First Serve basis via e-mail and/or telephone. You will have no more than 2 days from the notification date to contact the Texas Facilities Commission, Commercial Parking and Special Events Office with your response!

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10 spaces is maximum