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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The State Surplus Store in Austin is now open to the public, however, capacity is limited in order to maintain social distancing. Face coverings are required for all visitors. For visitors to the Federal Surplus Warehouses in Fort Worth and San Antonio, face coverings and health screenings are required. Appointment is no longer required prior to visit.

The State Surplus Property and Federal Surplus Property programs provide invaluable support to state agencies, citizens, and clients of the State of Texas.

State Surplus Property

The State Surplus Property Program gathers and disperses surplus goods collected from other state agencies. The SSP is open to the public and other government bodies. SSP also facilitates the disposal of gambling equipment for state agencies, municipalities, and counties per TGC § 2175.904.  For more information, please visit our State Surplus program website or contact us.

Federal Surplus Property

The Federal Surplus Property Program receives goods donated by federal programs and disperses it to eligible organizations. FSP also certifies those eligible organizations and is supported through the revenue it produces through handling fees. Eligible organizations may view available inventory online.  For more information, please visit our Federal Surplus program website or contact us.